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Popular Hummingbird Feeder
Popular Hummingbird Feeder

Popular Hummingbird Feeder

Popular Hummingbird Feeder with essential Red Ant Guard above built in. This favorite Hummingbird feeder really attracts Hummingbirds to its red color feeder. Don't buy a Hummingbird feeder without an Ant Guard (ant water moat) or it won't be long before the ant scouts find it. They will then leave a scent marker for the rest of the colony to follow right to your feeder. Talk about ANT infestation! Fill our Ant Moat with water and stop them from ever getting to your feeder. Ants can't swim!!! The feeder is a Pinch Waist design with a hardened Glass Feeder Bottle. It has a convenient sized 8 ounce capacity. Feeder features four Gloxinia flowers with bee guards and 4 way perch. Feed your Hummingbirds trouble free and enjoy these amazing little birds.

Feeder Dimensions: 10.5" H x 6.75" W x 6.75" L

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