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Pole With Hummingbird Feeder
Hummingbird Feeder With Pole

Pole With Hummingbird Feeder

Pole With Hummingbird Feeder is an ideal size for a garden pole Hummingbird feeder. This Large Hummingbird Feeder with Ant Guard is insect-deterring design make this feeder one of the most desirable today. The 7 port glass bottle style, clear reservoir holds 38 ounces of nectar. A built-in ant reservoir sits in the top, preventing crawling insects from reaching the treat. The multiple facet bottle connects to the red, plastic base, and 7 white flowers with purple centers form feeding ports for several birds. A perch aligns with each of these ports for hummingbirds to sit and rest, and this saucer base fully disassembles for thorough cleaning. A red top brings a unified look to this feeder. The loop in this section also holds the included hanger, for placing the feeder on a bracket or branch for a fantastic display. The glass reservoir is certain to last for many seasons.

Hummingbird feeder Pole measures 47 inches in height. The Hummingbird pole with 10.5" hook and hummingbird is just right to mount your Hummingbird feeder on. This sturdy hook provides a showcase for a Hummingbird bird feeder or flower basket. The gentle, upward arc on this solid, steel shaft brings familiar Shepherds Hook and its 10.5" arm. A 4.25" long, step-in base provides stability when inserted in your garden soil, and the powder coated finish protects the durable steel body from elemental wear. The substantial hanger can also be installed in a large pot for hanging items indoors or in between your patio pavers, and the compact design is wonderfully suited for hummingbird feeders or decorative lanterns. Turn one section of your landscaping into a display and hang your hummingbird feeder from it to bring those Hummers into your yard.

Pole Dimensions: 47" Tall x 12" Wide
Feeder: 10.25" Tall x 8" Dia Base

Your Price: $ 48.95

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