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Platform Covered Bird Feeder
Platform Covered Bird Feeder

Platform Covered Bird Feeder

Platform Covered Bird Feeder is a red cedar 12 inch square platform feeder with a plastic cover protective over hang. The Platform Bird Feeder gives open access to a great variety of birds who can feed at the same time. The Platform Bird Feeder has beautiful long lasting red cedar construction with a polypropylene mesh tray for good drainage. Shown here with a Cardinal and Downy Woodpecker.

Includes a pavilion style plastic cover above. Has a nylon cord for hanging and it holds 12 cups of birdseed platform and geometric clear cover. This bird feeder is perfect to enjoy the many variety of birds that an open feeder attracts. It will attract the usual ground feeder birds and some of the larger birds as well. It is nice that the feeders seed is protected from the weather. This product includes both the plastic cover above and Platform Bird Feeder below.

Dimensions: 12 in. square platform with cover

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