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Owl Wire Mesh Feeder
Owl Wire Mesh Feeder

Owl Wire Mesh Feeder

Owl Wire Mesh Feeder is a wire mesh metal sunflower bird feeder which makes it a pest resistant Bird Feeder. Let your Wild Birds have their very own, well deserved special feeder. The Squirrels and undesirable birds (Grackles, Doves) will have a hard time cleaning out this type of metal feeder. The wire mesh feeder is about a 12" tall and attracts many birds like: Woodpeckers, Chickadees, Nuthatches, Blue Jays, Titmice etc. The metal wire cage feeder gives clinging birds lots of area to feed at the same time.

Give your home and backyard the gift of style with a gorgeous, metal, mesh bird feeder. These feeders are built with high quality materials that will leave them looking great for years. Beautifully decorated, wire mesh body, holds approximately 5 cups of bird seed, durable metal chain and hook for easy display. Mesh feeders attract many songbirds and sunflower seeds are their favorite. Great and useful pest resistant feeder is good to have everywhere, especially when on a Deck Pole or Tree. Makes a nice gift for the Wild Bird enthusiast.

Dimensions: 12" High x 10.25" Wide x 3" Deep

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