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Oriole Bird Feeder Buffet
Oriole Bird Feeder Buffet

Oriole Bird Feeder Buffet

Oriole Bird Feeder Buffet with 2 jelly cups and 2 posts for their orange halves. Slice an orange or apple and mount on the two wood posts and put grape jelly in the 2 glass cups. Orange PVC foam holds the 2 jelly cups and the 2 wooden spikes holds the orange halves. The roof cover is clear plastic and it protects the orange halves and jelly cups. Orioles will like their protected feeder and will thank you by their visit. Add some class and beauty to your backyard. Hang with the mount hook in a good viewing place and your are all set.

Dimensions: 11" square Wide x 8" High

Your Price: $ 34.95

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