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Metal Port Tube Bird Feeder
Metal Port Tube Bird Feeder

Metal Port Tube Bird Feeder

This tube bird feeder is a trouble free and effective sunflower bird feeder. The metal bird feeder parts are heavy die-cast brass metal caps, ports, and base. The 15 inch tall bird feeder has a Quick Clean base and a clear UV stabilized polycarbonate feeder tube. To remove the base all you need to do is " push the buttons" and it slides out. This polycarbonate tube bird feeder can be filled with regular wild bird seed, black oil sunflower seed, or mixes. The 4 seed ports with perches are designed with raised ridges to divert rainwater. The top edged cap lifts easily from its anti-sway wire holds, and its base has a built-in seed deflector for no waste delivery. This Tube bird feeder is backed with a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer.

Shown here with a chickadee at top and Titmouse below

Dimensions: 15 5/8" tall x 2 3/4" dia tube

Your Price: $ 43.95

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