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Hummingbird Red Weather Guard
Hummingbird Red Weather Guard

Hummingbird Red Weather Guard

Hummingbird Red Weather Guard is a 14 in. Red Metal Bird Feeder Baffle that protects hanging bird feeders from outdoor elements. The Bird Feeder Baffles keep your bird feeders food or seed dry. If seed gets and stays wet it can become fowled and birds will no longer come to the feeders. The metal baffles also provide some shade from the sun to protect nectar feeders.

24 gauge, fully galvanized steel unit gives a hardy way to protect your bird feeding station. Baked on, powder coated finish features a bright red tone for a vibrant and eye-catching birding accessory. Mounting includes brass plated eyelets hardware that allows you to easily hang this weather guard above your existing hummingbird feeder. Get a matching pair that is just right for two feeders on a double arm pole.

Dimension: 14" Diameter Baffle

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