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Hummingbird High Bar Saucer Feeder
Hummingbird High Bar Saucer Feeder

Hummingbird High Bar Saucer Feeder

Hummingbird High Bar Saucer Feeder is a hummingbird feeder with style and function. This hummingbird feeder has 12 oz. nectar capacity, 4 feeding ports, built in ant moat with easy cleaning and filling. The High Bar gives a slightly elevated perch ring that surrounds the feeder, creating a natural feeding position for the birds and offering you an unobstructed View of them. The built-in ant moat in the center of the reservoir deters crawling insects from reaching the nectar, and drainage holes ensure the water does not seep into the feeder and dilute the nectar. The red lid removes easily from the feeder for cleaning and refilling it, and the polycarbonate construction offers a lasting piece. Also supports nectar guard. Attract these marvelous Hummers with elegance and class! Optional 12" dia. dome shades the hummingbird feeder from the weather so the hummingbird nectar stays fresh longer and the rain won't wash contaminates into its bowl. This feeder with its protective Dome is a wonderful addition to any backyard. The 12" clear dome gives added protection from sun, rain and looks great while doing it.

Dimensions: 7.75" Dia. x 1.75"H

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