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Heated Birdbath Deicer
Heated Birdbath Deicer

Heated Birdbath Deicer

Heated Birdbath Deicer is like a heated rock thermostatically controlled to work below 35 deg. The 75 watt heater works in any size birdbath and operates automatically to keep water from freezing down to -20 F. Round rock like 7 in. diameter bird bath heater mat provides 75 Watts for bird bath ice melting. This bird bath heater won't let falling temperatures put the deep freeze on your bird bath bird watching activities. There's no need to replace your existing birdbath. Simply place this well designed heater into the bottom of any birdbath, plug it into a standard household outlet and extend a warm welcome to your feathered friends. It conforms to the contours of the birdbath. Thermostatically controlled heater prevents ice formation and the weather-resistant material resists corrosion, scale, and won't rot or crack. Three-year material and workmanship warranty by manufacturer. Exceedingly safe to operate, the heater and thermostat are completely sealed with no exposed electrical elements, so birds can walk on the heater in complete safety.

Dimensions: 7" Diameter

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