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Hanging Baffle Tube Bird Feeder
Hanging Baffle Tube Bird Feeder

Hanging Baffle Tube Bird Feeder

A best Hanging Baffle and Best tube Bird Feeder together make a great squirrel proof bird feeder that you will enjoy for a long time. The 17 in. diameter clear dome stops squirrels by sliding them off its steep slope. The dome not only protects hanging bird feeders from squirrel attacks from above but shelters them from rain and snow. The tube bird feeder handle pulls the bird feeder up inside leaving less feeder exposed to the elements. This design lets bird feeder activity increase but keeps pigeons from roosting.

The Bird Feeders Quick-clean push-button removable base allows the feeder to be thoroughly cleaned and its seed deflector base enables birds to reach every seed. It has a very strong weather resistant polycarbonate tube and ports that have raised ridge edges to divert rainwater. Metal top, bottom and 6 ports make this a very rugged bird feeder. Mount 7-8 ft away from sideways objects and you are good to go. This squirrel defeating bird feeding machine aims to please!

Dimensions: Approx. 17" Dia. x 30" Tall

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