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Grackle Proof Cage Bird Feeder
Grackle Proof Cage Bird Feeder

Grackle Proof Cage Bird Feeder

Grackle Proof Cage Bird Feeder will stop grackles and squirrels from your bird feeder. The purpose of a 10" dia. cage around this 4 port tube feeder is to keep squirrels and large birds from reaching the seed, and this feeder adds a touch of timeless class to its function. Four reinforced metal ports allow small birds to reach the seed, and the clear tube keeps feed levels visible at a glance. The caged feeder will block larger birds like Grackles, Morning Doves and Blue Jays which are not welcome at this feeder! It will let only smaller songbirds pass thru the 1.5" grid to the seed.

This feeder has a decorative cage design, with 4 seed ports. A 2.5" diameter seed tube rests in the center of the metal cage, capable of holding up to 0.8 quarts of sunflower, cracked corn or safflower seed. A metal base in the tube has four drainage holes to keep seed from spoiling, and its raised design ensures the tube empties fully. Metal discs on the bail hanger acts as locks, keeping squirrels from lifting the lid to reach seed, and the sturdy hanger here makes placement simple. Lift the locks and lid to clean or refill the seed tube in moments. Offer small songbirds a lovely feeding haven with this Caged Wild Bird Feeder. The powder coated mottled brownish copper finish on the base, cap and metal grids make this a very attractive feeder. This caged sunflower seed tube feeder will keep those grackle black birds on the outside and from eating all the seed.

Dimensions: 15" Tall x 10" Diameter

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