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Glass Bird Bath Iron Stake
Cobalt Glass Bird Bath Iron Stake

Glass Bird Bath Iron Stake

Glass Bird Bath Iron Stake consists of a glass bird bath, cradle and bronze stake. This Cobalt Glass Bird Bath just sparkles in the sunlight and comes with its own wrought iron cradle and wrought iron bronze stake which really adds to its appeal. The glass bird bath is very easy to clean and adds a very nice water feature to a garden. A 1" wide rim around the bowl offers plenty of perching spots for songbirds, and a lip at the top completes the basin. A crackled finish on the exterior of the bath brings texture to the unit for an antiqued feel. The deep bronze color of the included cradle and stake furthers this theme

The Cobalt glass bird bath has a 12.5 inch diameter and sets in its wrought iron cradle's 11 in. ring. The included 3 ft straight "h" style bronze powder coated stake is screwed (.25 in. thread) into the iron cradle to support the birdbath in style. The Cobalt bowl makes a beautiful statement in your backyard.

Dimensions: Bowl 12.5" Diameter x 3" Deep w/3 ft Stake

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