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Extended Deck Pole Swing Arm
Extended Deck Pole Swing Arm

Extended Deck Pole Swing Arm

The Extended Deck bird feeder Pole Swing Arm is specially designed to hang bird feeders outward and off your deck. This deck bird feeder pole extends horizontal 36 inches and keeps your deck surface clean of spilled bird seed and bird droppings. The extended pole design also means you never have to worry about your hanging item colliding with your deck railing. A top turn knob allows the pole arm to move back and forth and then to be tighten in place.

The black deck pole is made from 7/16" cold rolled steel and extends horizontally 36" away from the deck. The overall pole length is approx. 53". The bottom clamp on hand knob makes installation easy: simply tighten the hand knob against any deck rail up to 2 in thick. It should be able to clamp on an open deck railing section like the side of a 2x4 shown here. Measure your deck railing to be sure it is less than 2" thick. For added stability, install a wood screw into the deck rail through the hole on the clamp. The hand knob makes it easy to swing the extended hook towards you for easy cleaning and filling of your bird feeder. Put a pair around your deck with different styles of feeders. Hook holds up to 15 lbs. If you should not need an extra long 52" Deck Pole, our Deck Pole Bird Feeder Swing Arm is shorter and very nice.

Overall Dimensions: 53" long x 6.5" wide

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