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Domed Wild Bird Feeder tray
Domed Wild Bird Feeder tray

Domed Wild Bird Feeder tray

Domed Wild Bird Feeder tray is an adjustable dome bird Feeder that is a perfect way to serve many different types of bird food. The feeder has a clear almost a 12" diameter adjustable dome that protects the seed in its tray. This bird feeder multi purpose tray can be used for feeding birds different seeds, fruit, mealworms or suet. The dome has an adjustable wing nuts that can be set to keep out big black birds and the weather. Versatile feeder great for fruit, nuts, berries, mealworms and special seeds. See them at your backyard!

As an example, here are some bluebirds enjoying their favorite mealworm food using this Domed Wild Bird Feeder tray. This unique station offers the versatility of a tray feeder, while remaining covered by the top dome. This 11.875" diameter, clear plastic dome may be raised and lowered along the center metal rod, limiting access to the feed by larger birds. The 8" diameter base tray accommodates up to 1 quart of seed, mealworms, fruit, or even suet. Its clear strong polycarbonate body keeps birds and feed levels visible, and small holes on the base of the tray help the seed stay dry and fresh. This generous dome further protects food from the elements, and easily moves up the threaded metal rod for cleaning and refilling the item. A large hook at the top of the rod enables the feeder to hang from a branch or bracket with ease and the strong heavy-duty, polycarbonate body will withstand the elements. Invite many different birds with many different seeds to your yard with this Domed Wild Bird Feeder Tray.

Dimensions: 8" Dia. Tray, 11.875" Dome

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