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Deck Pole Wide Clamp Adjustable
Deck Pole Wide Clamp Adjustable

Deck Pole Wide Clamp Adjustable

Deck Pole Wide Clamp Adjustable is 40" tall with one fixed hanger arms and clamps directly onto a deck railing up to 4 inch wide. This sturdy hook attaches to a wide horizontal deck rail easily. Its straight shaft has an overall height of 40" and culminates in an 12" hook. The upward curl at the end holds your 22" diameter or smaller hanging items, and the square steel body ensures durability. The generous clamp secures onto deck rails from 1" to 4" thick, with help from the large thumbscrew at the base. Hang a bird feeder from your deck using this Adjustable Single Deck Hook with Clamp.

The Deck pole hook's main shaft slides through openings on the clamp, able to be raised or lowered to your liking, and a thumbscrew at the back holds the hanger in place. The forged hanger arm has a curved arm mounting bracket made from strong wrought iron square steel. This forged Deck Shepherd Staff pole makes a very nice single arm deck pole. It can hold most any feeder less than 15 lbs like a self protected sunflower feeder, Hummingbird feeder, or wind chime in style. The all black, powder coated finish blends with your backyard, and its steel construction adds strength and stability.

Dimensions: 40" Tall x 12" Wide

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