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Deck Pole Baluster Mount
Deck Pole Baluster Mount

Deck Pole Baluster Mount

Deck Pole Baluster Mount is made to hang bird feeders on wider Balusters approx. 1" square like on vinyl, composite or wood decks. This a very strong shepherd staff pole is perfect for large bird feeders or heavy hanging plants. Its unique bracket baluster mount can solve mounting where other methods can not work. This is especially true where railings are not flat or too short for a standard 2" clamp style to securely mount. This pole has an excellent 30 lb holding capacity when clamping on a deck with wider Balusters or spires.

This wrought iron pole has a special mounting bracket that clamps itself together by tightening screws to grasp around vertical balusters 1" to 1.5" square or round spires (see view on left). Measure your baluster spires to be sure of a fit. The baluster size is what is important, it does not matter what material your deck baluster is made of like: vinyl, composite or wood. This Deck Pole is used on all of these. The pole brackets extend 2.5" from the spire. The shepherd staff bird feeder pole is a fixed pole with approx. 14" reach from deck and hang point about 32" above the railing. The brackets are special formed from 1/8" thick plate, welded to the staff and clamps around the Balusters with an iron grip. The wrought iron staff is 7/16" square steel and powder coated for long lasting use. Enjoy your deck with this new addition.

Dimensions: 32" above railing x 14" Wide

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