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Deck Pole Adjustable Branches
Deck Pole Adjust Branches

Deck Pole Adjustable Branches

Deck Pole Adjustable Branches is a deck bird feeder pole with 2 adjustable hanger arm branches. This Deck Bird Feeder Pole allows you to hang a number of bird feeders on its arms. You can set these adjustable hanger arms to any position or height, to hang off the deck just the way you want. The decorative hanger arm branches have a many leaves before the hooks and provide a good perching area for the birds to sit and wait their turn. The ability to adjust these branches is a great feature for a deck pole. The branch hanger arms are each 14.5" long, may be added and placed individually, and secured with thumbscrews for the perfect height for your items.

The Deck Bird Feeder Pole has 2 adjust deck hanger arms and clamp to mount on a deck railings from 3/4" up to 2" thick. The 37" tall main shaft has a clamp at the bottom and it should be able to clamp on an open deck railing section like the side of a 2x4 shown here with its convenient hand knob.. The arm hooks holds up to 15 lbs and for added strength, insert a nail through the pilot hole on the clamp onto your railing. This decorative hanger has a durable, weather-resistant polyester black finish for long life and durability. A metal bird silhouette rests at the top of the hanger, hinting at the item's purpose. So measure your deck railing to be sure it is not thicker than 2" and get ready to see some wild birds!

Dimension: Pole = 40" Tall overall

Your Price: $ 43.95

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