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Deck Hummingbird Feeder Pole
Deck Hummingbird Feeder Pole

Deck Hummingbird Feeder Pole

Deck Hummingbird Feeder Pole is a low profile deck hook with a 4 port hummingbird feeder. The 13.5" high Angled Deck Hanger pole is a 4 screw mount that is offset to accommodate a horizontal railing if needed. Deck Hummingbird Feeder Pole is a fixed hanger arm pole and the 4 port hummingbird feeder can be easily hung off of your deck. The black color blends with any surrounding, and the sturdy metal construction will provide a hanger for years to come. This fixed Deck Pole is 13.5 inch tall overall and it can hang items up to 25" in diameter. The hanger arm is made from strong cold rolled steel. The hanger can accommodates items up to 16" in diameter, perfectly highlighting your deck. Mount the flat base of the hanger onto a wall, deck, or wooden fence panel using the four included screws. Pole capacity is roughly up to 12 lbs.

Enjoy all the hummingbirds feeding on your deck pole with the 4 port, 12 oz. High View Hummingbird Feeder. Perfect for beginner and experienced hummingbird enthusiasts, providing a wealth of features. The clear polycarbonate reservoir holds 12 ounces of nectar, and the levels remain easily visible with the raised indicator on its side. The bright red lid helps attract hummingbirds, and four raised flowers on this lid create feeding ports. A slightly elevated perch ring surrounds the feeder, creating a natural feeding position for the birds and offering you an unobstructed view of them. The built-in ant moat in the center of the reservoir deters crawling insects from reaching the nectar, and drainage holes ensure the water does not seep into the feeder and dilute the feed. Attach the included brass hanging rod into the integrated port for hanging this item, on the deck pole. The red lid removes easily from the feeder for cleaning and refilling it, and the polycarbonate construction offers a lasting piece. Keep hummingbirds fed in your garden with this High View Hummingbird Feeder. Hummingbird Feeder is 7.75" dia. x 1.75" H and made in the USA with a lifetime guarantee from manufacturer.

Dimensions: 13.5" Tall x 9" Wide

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