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Deck Bird Pole Fixed Arm
Deck Bird Pole Fixed Arm

Deck Bird Pole Fixed Arm

Deck Bird Pole Fixed Arm is fixed clamp mount deck bird feeder hanger arm that is 29" tall from the railing. The deck pole is a Shepherd Staff pole that has a 12" horizontal reach. The deck pole hanger has a 10 lb weight capacity. This product features a large easy to tighten turning knobs for the clamp to mount to the railing. Deck Bird Feeder Fixed Arm is perfect to put your bird feeders off of your deck. Hummingbird and Goldfinch feeders work very well on this hanger arm. Choose a good protected sunflower feeder from those in this category.

The Bird Feeder hanger arm pole is made from 1/2 inch cold rolled steel rod. The bird feeder hanger arm has a fixed bracket arm and is easy to fill by just reaching out to hang items. It has a 3.5" wide max adjustable clamp mount to attach to a standard deck 2x4 railing. Measure your deck railing to be sure it is not thicker than 2" to 3.5" and you are good to go! The finish is a black powder coated to resist rust an last a long time. All American made components ensure a top quality product that will provide years of use.

Dimensions: Overall Height 33" Tall

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