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Deck Bird Feeder Fixed Bracket Arm
Deck Bird Feeder Fixed Bracket Arm

Deck Bird Feeder Fixed Bracket Arm

Deck Bird Feeder Fixed Bracket Arm clamps onto horizontal railings up to 2 inches thick. The fixed bracket arm has a hand twist knob to make installation easy. Extended Arch arm hangs bird feeder away from railing to keep it clean. This pole has a very nice unique arch to it that gives more room to feeders. A useful idea for a balanced approach is order two poles for your deck with a couple of bird feeders which have different seeds to attract a variety of birds. Hummingbird feeders and Goldfinch thistle feeders are good examples of additional feeders.

It should be able to clamp on an open deck railing section like the side of a 2x4 shown here. The 2.5" adjustable clamp knob is tighten to hold in place. The green deck bird feeder arm overall length is 27". From the deck the bracket is 24" in height and has a reach away from the deck of 18". Deck Bird Feeder hook arm is made from 7/16" cold rolled steel. It has a black powder coat finish.

Dimensions: 27" Long

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