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Copper Tube Bird Feeder
Copper Tube Bird Feeder

Copper Tube Bird Feeder

Copper Tube Bird Feeder is a rugged beautiful bird feeder. The 23" tall feeder with a strong polycarbonate clear seed tube holds 8 metal seed ports that are offset along its length. Each of the 8 ports has a squared perch crafted with a copper colored metal finish. A matching cap and stepped base lend elegance to the feeder, and the reservoir holds 4.1 quarts of black oil sunflower seed or mixed seed. Various staggered Feed levels, along with the avian activity, remain visible through the clear tube, and an attached metal bail hanger makes placement simple. The squared perches are a favorite of the Cardinals and many other wild birds which they love.

A slight slope dome on the lid here directs water away from the seed, and drainage holes on the base further aid in keeping it dry and fresh. An integrated base port allows you to place the feeder on a 1" outer diameter pole (not included), and the metal and plastic tube construction lasts for many seasons. The metal ports and strong shatterproof polycarbonate clear tube are just what is needed to make a squirrel resistant bird feeder. Make a bold statement with bright and classic colors in your birding sanctuary with this tall Copper Mega Tube Bird Feeder.

Dimensions: 23" Tall x 6" dia. base

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