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Copper Hummingbird Dripper Fountain
Copper Hummingbird Dripper Fountain

Copper Hummingbird Dripper Fountain

Copper Hummingbird Dripper Fountain has moving water and sounds that attract birds! The Hummingbird Dripper Fountain is a solid copper design in the shape of a flower with a hummingbird perched on top. The water trickles down its petals and splashes gently into the water below. You will enjoy the inviting relaxing sights, sounds and atmosphere created for you and your backyard birds. Hummingbirds love to clean their feathers in fountains to keep them in top shape.

Each piece is individually handcrafted to create an item that is handsome, built to last, and is unlike any other. This beautiful nature inspired product for bird baths and garden ponds is created using natural materials. The sculpture includes a concealed recirculating electric pump with a 6 foot cord that requires electricity. Comes ready to install in your bird bath (sold separately) and become a great addition to your landscape.

Dimensions: 7" W x 7" L x 13.5" Tall

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