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Copper Bird Feeder Mini Pair
Copper Bird Feeder Mini Pair

Copper Bird Feeder Mini Pair

Very nice Brushed Copper Bird Feeder Mini Pair are a Sunflower bird feeder and Thistle bird feeder. The brushed copper Bird Feeder Mini's feed songbirds favorite two types of bird seed. The left tube bird feeder holds black oil sunflower seeds and the right holds thistle seed. Each holds up to .5 lbs of seeds within their seed specific wire mesh feeder.

The copper top provides some protection from the weather and many birds can cling and feed all over the wire mesh at the same time. These are very well designed, decorative and functional feeders. They will attract cardinals, chickadees, titmouse, nuthatches, woodpeckers, goldfinches, red house finches and many others. This pair of Copper Top Mini Feeders is a nice set for a two arm pole (Poles sold separately).

Each Dimensions: 12" High x 5" Diameter

Your Price: $ 27.95

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