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Clingers Only Bird Feeders
Clingers Only Bird Feeders

Clingers Only Bird Feeders

Pair of Clingers Only Bird Feeders are large capacity in a compact size bird feeders. The Bird Feeder caters to Clingers like: Chickadees, Woodpeckers, Titmouse, Nuthatches, Goldfinch and others who cling to its tray. Stop (red) and Go (green) bird feeders. Fill one with sunflower seeds and the other with a mix or nuts. Large Capacity - Holds 2-3 times more than other small bird feeders which often run out quickly. Locking lid comes off completely and its large opening makes it easier to fill and clean then small tubes. Heavy UV resistant " thick" plastic construction. Shown with Chickadees and a Nuthatch. By using this combo you can really see these special clinging songbirds. This popular bird feeder not only attracts the desirable clingers but also discourages larger birds such as Grackles, starlings, and pigeons from using it. You can select which colors in the options below.

Feeder Dimensions: 8" L X 7.5" W X 8" H

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Color Options
1 Green & 1 Red (default)
2 Green
2 Red
1 Green (-15.00)
1 Red (-15.00)

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