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Clear Bird Feeder Baffle
Clear Bird Feeder Baffle

Clear Bird Feeder Baffle

Clear Bird Feeder Baffle is a 16 inch clear weather baffle. This bird feeder clear baffle is shown here as a hanging bird feeder weather baffle. The clear baffle acts as weather shield when hung and allows birds to feed in peace while keeping the rain and snow off. It is important to keep seed as dry as possible so seed stays fresh. Baffle works well hanging from a pole to protect the bird feeders under it.

Also, by removing the center hook it can be used as pole squirrel baffle by slipping over and down a pole from 1 in. to 1 3/8 in. diameter. It should be placed about 4 ft off of the ground. This baffle is a nice dual purpose bird feeder weather

Dimensions: 16" Diameter

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