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Cascading Rock Water Fountain
Cascading Rock Water Fountain

Cascading Rock Water Fountain

Cascading Rock Water Fountain is an artistic falling waters tabletop fountain. This rustic hand glazed porcelain fountain is 10.5" tall with three falls. A recirculating pump brings the water to the top to ripple downward the falls to its base. A moving water feature is perfect to add serenity to your living room, to create soothing background noise in the office, or as a tasteful addition to a bathroom or bedroom.

Very naturalistic garden fountain with amazingly detailed work of functional garden art! Tranquil water cascades across three levels of weathered stones and time honored tree branches to empty gently into a softly illuminated pool. Cast in quality designer resin and realistically hand painted to capture the patinas of aged wood and moss-covered rocks, this exclusive work creates an instantly peaceful garden sanctuary with an integrated, indoor/outdoor pump and low voltage LED lights for dramatic effect.

Dimensions: 10.5" Tall x 6.5" x 5"

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