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Cardinal Bird Feeder Tray
Cardinal Bird Feeder Tray

Cardinal Bird Feeder Tray

Cardinal Bird Feeder Tray is a decorative bird feeder with rich stained glass Cardinal design. This Cardinal feeder tray serves various seeds with style. Feeder is strongly built on a one piece steel hook 21 inch tall. The genuine glass cut from large sheets will not fade, peel, or scratch off. The 3D stained Glass averages 12 x 9 inches with the Glass figures finished on both sides. All metal surfaces have automotive quality electroplating in either copper or nickel for strength and luster. The 8" diameter round pan holds 4 cups and has drainage holes to keep seed fresh. Hand-crafted, beautifully decorative stained glass with copper accent, lead soldering and electroplate. These feeders are built with high quality materials that will leave them looking great for years. The work of art Cardinal bird feeder is a weatherproof and waterproof design. Hang on a pole, tree branch or patio/roof overhang.

Dimensions: 21" Tall x 8" Diameter

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