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Cardinal Bird Feeder Hook
Cardinal Bird Feeder Hook

Cardinal Bird Feeder Hook

Cardinal Bird Feeder Hook and garden hook is a stained glass hook. This Cardinal Bird Feeder Hook is a great garden hook for bird feeders, bird houses or hanging plants. The strong copper plated steel S hook will hold some of the heaviest flower baskets all season long.

It's made using window glass which is cut from large sheets, smoothed, wrapped in lead and then hand assembled into these artful designs. The stained glass garden hook is weatherproof, waterproof and will not fade. The 3D stained glass averages 10 x 8.6 inches with the glass figures finished on both sides. All metal surfaces have quality electroplating in either copper or nickel for strength and luster. The copper finish will last 10 years and add beauty with function to your backyard.

Dimensions: 10" Tall x 8.6" Wide

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