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Bluebird Protected Feeder
Bluebird Protected Feeder

Bluebird Protected Feeder

Bluebird protected feeder. This protected feeder is designed for Bluebird mealworms or bird seed. The Cedar wood feeder has 1 9/16 inch hole in ends to provide access to mealworms or seed. Roof pivots for easy filling. The feeder hangs by a vinyl coated steel cable. Mount the Bluebird feeder on a pole or hang about 5 feet high in an open area with natural or man-made perching areas close by. Offer Bluebirds food like mealworms or pellets. The feeder has plexiglass rectangle side panels to keep large birds from reaching in and taking food. This protected feeder can also be used to serve small songbirds different bird seeds.

Dimensions: 9" H x 12" W x 8" L

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