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Bluebird Birdhouse Pole
Bluebird Birdhouse Pole

Bluebird Birdhouse Pole

Wrought Iron bird house pole is just the right height to be a Bluebird Birdhouse Pole. This is a bluebird birdhouse standard pole that is 70 inch tall overall. It is 58 inch above ground with a 12 inch in ground step. The wrought iron Bird House Pole with a quick connect middle is made from 1/2" wrought iron square steel stock with a black power coat.

One of our baffles in the "Pole Squirrel Baffles" category can be added as extra predator protection to the pole, just below the birdhouse. An example is the Cone Pole or Wrap Squirrel Baffle. For utmost protection the Raccoon Baffle Wrap Around or Cylinder Raccoon Baffle For Poles can be used. Select the Bluebird bird house of your choice and you are ready to go. (Bird houses are sold separately)

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