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Bluebird Baffle Bird Feeder
Bluebird Baffle Bird Feeder

Bluebird Baffle Bird Feeder

Bluebird Baffle Bird Feeder with its beautiful sapphire blue dome is designed to attract bluebirds, orioles and their fledglings. The 17" diameter steep dome makes this bird feeder squirrel proof and keeps the weather off. The nicely protected Sky Cafe blocks larger birds like Grackles and Robins. Its metal cage has 1.5" square openings to give Bluebirds and desirable songbirds a clear pass thru on their own feeder. The cage surrounds its 11.5" diameter plastic tray that has a removable cup in its center. For Bluebirds fill the cup with their favorite mealworms. This cup holds 0.4 quarts of mealworms, while the tray can accommodate 0.15 quarts of seed. This flexible feeder can be used with many seeds or fruit to attract other songbirds in a protected environment. The bird feeder can be hung by its 24" chain on a tree or pole. Offer a safe feeding for your wild birds and keep the unwanted critters at bay.

Dimensions: 17" Diameter x 17" Tall

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