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Black Lantern Bird Feeder
Black Lantern Bird Feeder

Black Lantern Bird Feeder

Black Lantern Bird Feeder is a classy carriage lantern bird feeder. Perching birds like Cardinals will love this metal feeder with extended perches. Elegant design has a black metal finish. The top lifts off for easy filling and cleaning. The bottom has a nice sloped seed diverter to feed the seed outward toward the openings and its tray. This keeps the seed towards the outside edge where the songbirds can have access to it till gone.

Perfect feeder for holding sunflower seed, mixed seeds, safflower seed, or cracked corn. The roof twists off to refill the wide mount opening bird feeder. Protective slanted roof helps shield from the weather and tray has drainage holes to keep seed dry.

Dimensions: 9.3" High x 12.5" Wide

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