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Birding Journal
Birding Journal

Birding Journal

Birding Journal through the seasons is beautifully designed with nice illustrations. This journal makes bird watching record keeping easy. This book is set up by seasons, starting with spring. So it starts off with the month of March. It gives tips of when to look for certain migrating species, types of nest boxes, food, trees and plants to attract birds and other handy information. Each month starts off with places to list birds sighted with the Species, date, location, and notes. Then each month has a section for birding trips, location, and date, with area to write some notes about the birding experience. There is also lots of "Notes" sections at the end of each month to add whatever you like. Then the next month will start, each month having four different sections.

This is a 144 page bound book that can stand some rain, or misty conditions. It is best to use a fine tip Sharpe marker to write all your info into the journal. You can keep track of the numerous bird species that come to your feeders, and when in the season they arrive. The back of the book also has a lifetime bird sighting checklist. There is also a section to keep 3 years worth of notes on bird species, or individual bird arrivals. This book is a very handy size and the pictures of birds and vegetation are charming.

Get this perfect bird watcher's companion, and record all of your favorite birding moments.

Dimensions: 8.5" Tall x 5.5" Wide x .7" Deep

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