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Bird Watching for Kids
Bird Watching for Kids

Bird Watching for Kids

Bird Watching for Kids book is filled with entertaining and fulfilling projects that allow children to interact with nature while learning about the needs and behaviors of wild birds. Young readers will learn how to attract a multitude of birds by providing appealing backyard habitats including feeders, birdhouses and birdbaths. Info on what to feed each type of bird and how to deter squirrels. A bird journal list to keep track of what birds have been seen and when. QR codes on each bird that when scanned by a smartphone or tablet make the song of the bird in the picture. Scrapbook pages, plans and draw map of your backyard and so much more.

Bird Watching for Kids will kindle in the young in heart a healthy, enduring interest in birds and other wild animals. Mr. Backyard Bird Watcher himself, provides informative text and appealing photos for children from ages 8 to 14 years. A fascinating opportunity to learn how to attract birds to your own backyard. Get this hardcover book with color photos for yourself and give one to someone who appreciates the beauty of backyard wild birds. Nice to combined with one of the Compact Binocular Kits.

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