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Bird Seed Scoops
Bird Seed Scoops

Bird Seed Scoops

Bird Seed Scoops has a Seed Scoop/funnel and a Big Dipper scoop for bird seed. The Seed Scoops makes an easy job of refilling your bird feeders. They can be used with all common seeds and feeders from small tube bird feeders to larger open mouth feeders. Gets seed in the feeder and not on the ground!

The red Bird feed scoop with funnel is designed to easily fill large and small feeders. Use as a scoop for filling large feeders. It has a damper and hollow handle that converts to a funnel for small feeders. Just dip it in, scoop it, place over the feeders and press the release button.

The Big Dipper Seed Scoop is a large (2 qt. capacity) Forest Green Scoop with easy grip handle and lifetime guarantee. Best of all, it has a flat base and can be self-standing.

Seed Scoop/funnel: 4" Diameter x 10" Tall
Big Dipper Seed Scoop : 8" Diameter x 10" Tall

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