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Bird Seed Sampler A1
Bird Seed Sampler A1

Bird Seed Sampler A1

Bird Seed Sampler A1 is a collection of popular bird seeds that are specifically for different Bird feeders. This sampler has 5 bags of 5 lb of seed: 1) Black Oil Sunflower Seed (2 bags = 10 lbs) (wild birds favorite), 2) Nyjer or Thistle seed 5 lb, 3) Clinger Mix Bird Seed 5 lb, and 4) Songbird Premium Seed Blend 5 lb.

The bird feeder styles they use respectively are: 1) Standard sunflower feeders, 2) Thistle slit or small mesh, 3) Tray or platform and 4) Port feeder or tray feeders. It takes the guess work out of what bird seeds work with what feeder. Some examples of these feeder types is shown in Bird Feeder Pole System A1 . These are smaller size bags, larger bags are available individually.

See individual seed bags for detailed specifics.

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