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Bird Seed Catcher
Bird Seed Catcher

Bird Seed Catcher

Bird Seed Catcher saves your lawn and clean up with its bird feeder Seed Hoop! Catches up to 90% of spilled bird seed and shells! Works great with tube bird feeder sizes. Protects lawn and garden from rotting seeds, weeds, and damage to grass. Keeps birds safe from ground predators and eliminates a food source for rodents. Is durable, lightweight and easy to attach.

This 16" diameter catcher straps to birdfeeders via 4 cords each with adjustable length and hooks. Adjust so bottom is not lower than 4 to 5 ft off of the ground. Has a wind guard which saves even more seed. Made of light weight exterior grade vinyl coated fiberglass mesh. The frame is of lightweight flexible tempered steel wire that can be twist folded and collapsed to 1/3 its expanded size for easy storage. The sleeve is made of exterior grade polyester. Hooks are corrosion resistant. Nylon cords adjust easily to your bird feeder. Feeder in picture Sold Separately.

Dimensions: 16" Diameter

Your Price: $ 22.95

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