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Bird Pole Adapter Mounts
Bird Pole Adapter Mounts

Bird Pole Adapter Mounts

Bird Pole Adapter Mounts easily to your bird house or feeder with this Birding Pole Kit. This versatile pole features five 16" sections for an overall height of 72". The pole sections have one tapered end which connects them together easily. You have the choice to use either of the two included plastic adapters to mount wooden or metal items to the pole. The sturdy steel pole is black powder coated to blend with any surrounding and last for many seasons.

A square mounting plate flange has eight holes on its base, to support a base 2.875" square or larger. The round adapter features 3/4" threads at the top, which connect to a threaded tube feeder. Place the other end of each adapter on the top of the pole. Use one pole section as a ground socket for pole mounting stability. Display your favorite bird house or feeder on this Birding Pole Kit.

Dimensions: Overall 72" tall x 1" Dia. Pole

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