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Bird House Pole
Bird House Pole

Bird House Pole

Bird House Pole is an excellent pole to mount your wood birdhouse on. The Bird House Pole includes a bird house mounting plate, bird pole and 14" stake ground socket. The mounting plate has a thumb screw for attachment to the pole and easy removal of bird house.

The bird house mounting plate is 6.5" long x 2" wide and comes with screws for mounting. The main tubular steel pole has a 1 in. diameter and comes in two pieces. The pole is approx. 60 in. above ground and 72" overall. The pole is held in place with the 14 in. ground socket stake. Its finish is a black, rust resistant, powder coat. Get this strong bird house pole and select their new home in our Bird Houses category.

Dimensions: Overall Height 72" Tall x 1" Dia. Pole

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