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Bird House Pole Mount
Bird House Pole Mount

Bird House Pole Mount

Bird House Pole Mount is a sturdy basic 1 inch outside diameter pole and includes two types of mounting hardware. Its overall height is 68 inches tall, and uses three piece sectional pole. One section is pointed to drive into the ground and the other two pole parts engage into one another. The engaging parts are keyed with a dimple in one and a groove in the other to reduce any motion caused by wind. The threaded 1" Pole Adapter is included to mount standard feeders by screwing into their bottom bases. The Bird House multi position square flange adapter mount slips into the top of the pole and has screws to mount into the wood bird house horizontally or vertically, These adapters allow for easy removal of the bird house or feeder for cleaning or refilling by lifting out of the pole.

The rust-resistant steel construction and durable galvanized Black powder coated steel will stand up to the toughest elements and keep this pole working for you, season after season. Note When assembling your pole, applying Vaseline to the engaging parts will prevent them from sticking together over time. Ask us about extending your Pole by adding an optional 22 inch Pole Section if needed.

Dimensions: Approx. 68" tall overall

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