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Bird Feeding Station Quad Kit
Bird Feeding Station Quad Kit

Bird Feeding Station Quad Kit

Bird Feeding Station Quad Kit is a decorative four way feeding station that you can use to hang your bird feeders, bird houses, planters, ornament, etc. There are 4 large hanger arms and 4 smaller hanger arms. One set of two hanger arms is slightly high than the other. The 6 ft pole station also comes with a dome squirrel baffle for the pole and two sets of stakes to anchor into the ground. Mount the dome baffle approximately 4 ft off of the ground, leaving 2 ft above for the feeder area. For the pole to do its job, locate the pole about 8 - 10 ft away from anything a squirrel can have a sideways jump from.

Bird Feeding Station Quad has a pole diameter of about 1 1/8 inches, has a 90" overall height and is 73 inches above ground. There are 2 sets of stakes with four prongs that fit over the spear stake in the middle that hold the pole securely in the ground. The pole kit is made of steel with a black powder-coat finish to make sure it can endure any kind of weather. The main shaft comes in two pieces, you can add different larger screws for connecting the pole segments together if you like. Add this to your garden to attract a wide variety of birds or use it to hang your decorations to enhance your backyard and home.

Dimensions: 73" Tall x 24" Across

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