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Bird Feeding Station Duo Pole
Bird Feeding Station Duo Pole

Bird Feeding Station Duo Pole

Bird Feeding Station Duo Pole is a Black Birding Pole with two included Bird Feeders. This durable kit provides a 2 hanger arms with two different styles of bird feeders to keep our feathered friends well fed. The convenient 3 section tubular steel pole assembles easily thanks to swagged ends, self tapping screws, and the included moisture sleeves keep the joints dry. The top of this pole includes an open finial and complete the assembly by sliding the two included hanger arm hooks into sleeves on the topper. The hanger arms each extend 8.75" outward, and hold the included, tube style feeders. The Cylinder Pole Squirrel Baffle is a very effective keeping squirrels off your feeders.

The plastic tube of the seed feeder holds 0.3 quarts of sunflower or mixed seed, and folding metal Cardinal perch loops on this base enable a the birds to perch and dine. The second tube feeder has 0.25" square wire mesh cylinder allowing clinging birds to reach 0.3 quarts of peanut chunks or sunflower seeds easily. The pointed ground base section of the pole inserts into garden soil, and the black finish adds a classic look to any setting. Offer songbirds a bold buffet in your yard with this Black Birding Pole with Two Bird Feeders. The pole is 7' 1.5" H overall and after inserting in ground is approx. 6 feet above ground. The hanger arms have an 8" clearance from shaft to hook each. The pole shaft is an 0.875" O.D. diameter pole. Nice way to get started birding! Assembly required.

Dimensions: 7 ft tall x 16" Across

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