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Bird Feeding Accessories
Bird Feeding Accessories

Bird Feeding Accessories

Bird Feeding Accessories has 3 useful items for backyard birding: Beginners Guide To Birds book, a 3 ft hanging cable for bird feeders and a 2 ft bird feeder brush. All three make bird watching easier and more enjoyable.

1) Beginners Guide To Birds - gives great information with easy-to-use color coding to the more than 130 gorgeous full-color photos, the Stokes guides are factually, visually, and organizationally superior to any other books you can buy. Coverage of 100 bird species with tips for attracting.

2) 36 in. long cable is great for hanging bird feeders, bird houses or plants. The cable is stainless steel and copper to resist rusting. There is a protective plastic collar around the stainless steel cable section that wraps around a tree limb. This limb protector plastic keeps it from digging into your trees and damaging them.

3) Best long bird feeder brush is 24 in. with a wooden handle and black nylon bristles for long-lasting, effective cleaning! The long reach makes an easy job of bird feeder maintanence. A Fantastic Product!

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