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Bird Feeders Bird Feeder Spruce
Bird Feeders Bird Feeder Spruce

Bird Feeders Bird Feeder Spruce

Best in class Bird Feeders Bird Feeder is a remarkable tube bird feeder. The Bird Feeders designed makes it a great sunflower seed bird feeder. But it is so versatile it can be filled with sunflower bird seeds, seed and nut mixes or most any type of seed except Thistle. Thus it has the ability to attract all the songbirds. The tube feeder comes with a must have Quick Clean removable base, just 'push the buttons' and it slides out.

This bird feeder is a large capacity 1 3/4 qts 19" high tube feeder has 6 metal ports with perches that are designed with raised ridges to divert rainwater. The spruce textured finish metal feeder parts are heavy die-cast metal for the caps, ports, base and a clear UV stabilized polycarbonate tube feeder. The top edged cap lifts easily from its anti sway wire holds, and its base has a built-in seed deflector for no waste delivery. This tube feeder is so rugged in all aspects that it comes with a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer.

The default Spruce is shown here with a Cardinal, Goldfinch, Chickadee and Titmouse.

Dimensions: 19 1/2" tall x 2 3/4" dia. Tube

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