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Bird Feeder Pole Tree
Bird Feeder Pole Tree

Bird Feeder Pole Tree

Bird Feeder Pole Tree is a four long branch hanger arm bird feeder pole. This Bird Feeder Pole has 24 inch long branch hanger arms, cone squirrel baffle and a twister ground socket. Hang your feeders on your very own Tree Bird Feeder Pole branches, and bring in those songbirds to your tree.

The four branch hanger arms each have a 24 inch reach which is our longest available. The 5/16" thick tree branches makes a very large perching area and feeders can usually be hung around the second and first leaf area from the main pole. The branches can hold about 10 lbs and try to keep the weight balanced and more towards the center. Each arms position is adjustable and goes on with a twist and turn. Aesthetic placement of feeders and branch arms can be done in numerous arrangements with this bird feeder pole. Stagger the branch hanger arms in a downward spiral or opposite from each other, you decide! In addition, the 17" diameter cone wrap squirrel baffle makes this a squirrel proof bird feeder pole and adds to the tree theme.

The tubular steel pole has a 1 in. diameter and comes in three pieces. It is approximately 84 in. above ground. The 20in. ground socket has 1/2" turning holes to twist in place. Its finish is black semi-gloss, rust resistant, powder coat. This pole makes a great centerpiece in your landscaping. See our Bird Feeder Pole Systems for bird feeder ideas and let the fun begin!

Dimensions: 84" Tall x Approx. 48" Across

Your Price: $ 149.95

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