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Bird Feeder Pole System
Bird Feeder Pole System

Bird Feeder Pole System

Bird Feeder Pole System is an effective Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Pole that blocks squirrels. This Bird Feeder Pole kit has two bird feeder hanger arms on top, each with a 12 inch reach, an extra 24 in. perching branch, a quick connect orange dish, cylinder squirrel stopper baffle and a twister ground socket. The versatile 24 in. perching branch and quick connect orange dish attaches with a twist and can be placed as desired on the pole, the space between the top hanger arms works well. The 24" branch can serve as a hanger for suet or small feeder. The multi purpose quick connect orange dish can be used to hold a half a cup of various seed, suet, etc. Stop squirrels by mounting the pole 8-10 ft away from objects and the squirrel stopper baffle does the rest.

The tubular steel pole has a 1 in. diameter and comes in three sections. It is approx. 7.5 ft above ground. The two top hanger arms are 7/16" wrought iron square steel stock. The 20in. ground socket has 1/2" turning holes to twist in place. Its finish is black semi-gloss, rust resistant, powder coat.

Dimensions: Approx. 90" Tall x 26" Wide

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