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Bird Feeder Pole 5 ft Section
Bird Feeder Pole 5 ft Section

Bird Feeder Pole 5 ft Section

Bird Feeder Pole 5 ft Section for 1 in. diameter poles. This pole section has .060" thick walls which are very strong. The actual extension is 60 in. long and does not have a flange or any tapered ends. A mating pole section must have a taped end that is less than 1" diameter minus the wall thickness to insert into the end of this pole section. Only works with other poles within this Squirrel Proof Poles category. Because it is specifically designed for and works with these pole sections. A good replacement pole section for a tall pole if you need to replace some pole sections. Note: This does not include any other pole parts, just this 5 ft pole section.

Note: Not compatible with S-Pole Series Poles

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