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Bird Feeder Basic Pole
Bird Feeder Station Pole

Bird Feeder Basic Pole

Bird Feeder Basic Pole is a medium duty 6 ft Bird feeder pole with 10" double hanger arms, single hook arm, water disk, and mesh feeder tray. The pole has a single arm to hang suet feeder, a water bowl, and tray for fruit, seed or nuts. Creates a complete all in one bird feeding station. Add a pair of Sunflower feeder and Thistle seed feeder, the two most popular bird seeds to complete the pole. If needed, our 15" long, 6" dia. cylinder pole squirrel baffle can also be added.

Pole includes: Decorative top with fleur-de-lys finial. Double 10" reach hanger arms. The Small 5" single feeder hook, Bird bath support ring with bird bath and Mesh feeder tray, which have thumb screws to adjust their positions on the pole. The three section 3/4" diameter pole builds for overall full height of 7 ft 5 in (6 ft above ground). Mount the 15" long cylinder pole squirrel baffle approximately 4 ft off of the ground, leaving 2 ft above for the feeder area. The steel pole and hangers are black powder coated for weather durability. Mounts in ground with a single pointed pole section for a stake type of ground socket. Nice way to get started birding!

Dimensions: 6 ft tall x 20" Across

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