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Big Tube Bird Feeder
Antique Brass

Big Tube Bird Feeder

Large Big Tube Bird Feeder is 20 inch tall with 4 inch diameter. The big tube bird feeder holds 3 1/2 quarts of bird seed, so this tube feeder won't have to be refill as often. The bird feeder has 6 special Cardinal seed ports staggered vertically for easy viewing. The metal Cardinal Perch is ornithologically designed with a wider feeding opening that allows cardinals to feed comfortably. The looped design provides plenty of perching selections for all songbirds. The easy grip perches encourages longer bird visits. The metal feeder parts are heavy die-cast brass metal caps, ports, and base. The tube feeder is a clear UV stabilized polycarbonate tube. The top edged cap lifts easily from its anti-sway wire holds and its base has a built-in seed deflector for no waste delivery. Also features a Quick-Clean Base that easily removes, keeping feeders clean for your birds has never been easier. This bird tube feeder is backed with a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer.

Dimensions: 20" Tall x 4" Dia tube

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