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Basic Wide Tube Bird Feeder
Basic Wide Tube Bird Feeder

Basic Wide Tube Bird Feeder

Basic Wide Tube Bird Feeder is an Easy To Clean Bird Feeder. This tube bird feeder has many useful features in one feeder. It has a pitched metal roof that sheds rain and snow and this roof assembly slips over the wide 4" diameter clear tube reservoir and makes for easy refilling. The clear 17.25" tall plastic tube holds 2.5 quarts of sunflower seed, safflower seed, or mixed feed. For added flexibility it includes thistle port inserts that can be install into the 4 feeding ports. This then permits the option of using Nyjer or Thistle seeds that can attract a different set of songbirds to the feeder for you to see. Each of the 4 ports has a guard around it and extended perch for the comfort of visiting avian friends.

A major plus is that it has even-feed baffles within the tube at the 4 ports that allows for balanced distribution of seed at all the levels of the feeder. This not only prevents seed build up and disease; it also provides seed to all the ports for a longest time. It gives the birds on every port an equal opportunity to enjoy their treat. With a convenient hanger design complementing its roof, this feeder may be easily placed on a hook or branch. It has a durable matte copper colored powder-coated finish on all the metal parts to provide a lasting trouble free feeder. All parts of this unit are easily removable to ensure easy cleaning, while the UV stabilized, crack resistant plastic tube will remain reliable throughout repeated use. Give your birds a dynamic and diverse dining experience with this Easy To Clean Basic Wide Tube Bird Feeder.

Dimensions: 7"L x 7"W (perch to perch) x 17.5" Tall

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